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Some of the movies that we are reviewing now are independent films by some of the better known and lesser none directors of the New Hollywood.  Interestingly enough, it would seem that the New Hollywood is made up of people from all over the world, some that have never even set foot in California.

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Generally, most short films are now being made for under $30,000 which is much less than what it used to cost when the films were actually shot on … well, film.  Digital has changed all of that and the shift in money has gone to paying actors and if the production is lucky, all their bills for the movie.  This is ultimately changing the quality of the shorter film because now actors can make a living and can now continue to hone their craft, thus making them better actors and further to that end, making each film that they appear in, a much better production.



Most filmmakers are now working with either Canon or Nikon.  Some of the more popular cameras for digital filmmakers looking to borrow lenses or rent lenses are the nikon d3100, nikon d5100, nikon d800, nikon d7000, nikon d600, nikon d3200.

There there are the Canon cameras which are probably the most used in the industry to date.  There is the canon 7d, canon 60d, d800, canon 5d mark iii, canon eos, canon t3i, canon g12, canon 5d.

Obviously the panasonic lumix is still in use as are the nikon d4, nikon d3000 and the nikon coolpix digital camera seems to be phased out for further digital film production.

Depending on the type of camera that the filmmaker ultimately chooses, the quality of the final product will change.  Most digital filmmakers rely heavily on what has worked for them in the past.  So this create a great deal of brand loyalty in camera kits and lenses.

Camera selection over the years typically depends on what the filmmaker started with.  If they started with a Nikon or a Canon, then they will most like stick to those camera brands.  However, new brands are being developed like the R3D camera.  This camera is able to produce Hollywood standard productions in the hands of the right filmmaker.

So many modern filmmakers are moving towards higher end cameras to increase their production value.  Borrowing lenses and renting cameras in NY has become a standard in the industry.




“Dev D” is a modern tale of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s “Devdas.” Internationally, Devdas is known as the best lover in history.  Sadly, he goes on a self destructive exploration that ends with him drowning himself after the loss of his one and true love. This film, on the other hand unabashedly proclaims Dev as the hypocrite who drowns in self pity and as a man who could not stand on his own.